Sunday, June 25, 2006

Photos by Eycke Strickland

Severeid takes Sequim

iUniverse author Susanne Severeid recently enjoyed a very successful book signing and self-publishing seminar in the Olympic Theatre Arts Center in Sequim, WA. Severeid, who's mystery-thriller The Death of Milly Mahoney was published by iUniverse in August 2005, moved to Sequim late last year.

About 70 people attended Severeid's event and she quickly sold out of her copies.

"I spoke off the cuff for some 2 1/2 hours about my experience writing and self-publishing "Milly" answered tons of questions," Severeid said. "People were still asking questions, buying books, etc. I've already been asked to address a local authors' group, and have been asked to do this presentation again so that others who couldn't make this one can attend."

Read an early interview with Severeid here. Check out her website at


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