Monday, June 11, 2007

Playmate Antonaccio
Shares her secrets

“What’s your Secret?”

Helena Antonaccio has been asked that question ever since she graced the pages of Playboy magazine. The question keeps coming even though 38 years have past since she was named Ms June 1969. Antonaccio is finally sharing her tips in her new book entitled appropriately enough, What’s Your Secret?

“I started writing it about four years ago when fans at shows kept asking me ‘What’s you secret?”, in acting and looking the way I do at my age,” she said.

Despite her notoriety as a Playmate, Antonaccio struggled to find a literary agent for the book.

“If I got one he was fired or left the group, or told they are too booked up with too many authors, nothing negative but just didn't have the time of day for me,” Antonaccio explained.

She turned to Print-On-Demand publisher iUniverse to get the book out and on to major online retailers including and What’s Your Secret was released in May. Antonaccio is already getting kudos from friends, family and fellow Playmates.

“They’ve been impressed and couldn’t believe I finally got the book out,” Antonaccio said.

Antonaccio, a Jersey girl her entire life, continued to model and act following her Playboy appearance. She even made a return appearance in the magazine in August 1997.

“I have lead a healthy lifestyle my entire adult life. I am a firm believer in exercise and eating unprocessed foods as much as possible,” Antonaccio said. “I believe in holistic healing along with conventional medicine. Skin care is very important to me and I would like someday to own my own cosmetic and beauty line.”

The book is likely to earn a mention in the Playmate News portion of Playboy in the upcoming months and Antonaccio is planning other marketing efforts as well. She hope to contribute an article or two in several magazines, may appear at several pin-up and modeling conventions and is hoping to book television appearances as well.

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