Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mr. Met Offers
Unique View
Dan Reilly has a unique view of the world. Not through rose-colored glasses, but from the inside of a giant paper-mâché baseball head. Reilly served as the original “Mr. Met”, baseball’s first mascot.
Reilly chronicles his experiences in his Print-On-Demand book, The Original Mr. Met Remembers: When the Miracle Began.
“I was encouraged to (write the book) by friends and family,” Reilly said. “I had so many stories to tell. I’m a storyteller.”
It took Reilly about four years to write the book.
Seeing the book finally make it into print was a big day for him. “When I first received the book with the cover, that’s when reality hit. It was a great feeling.”
Reilly, who is not particularly comfortable in front of the computer, received help from his friend Richard Blodgett, an accomplished author and historian, to negotiate the demands of publishing in the electronic age.
“He was a big help for me. He was great about it,” Reilly said. “It really came out well. I’m very pleased with how everything worked out.”
While the book came out in November 2007, Reilly will begin marketing the book in earnest as Major League Baseball approaches spring training in March.
“I’m in the process of contacting everyone I know,” Reilly said. “Any of the contacts I have in the world of sports.”
Reilly has heard positive comments from many of the former Met players he used to cheer on. “They’re excited for me,” Reilly said.


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